Community Action on Obesity + Move2Health



CLIENT: Community Action on Obesity (CAO ) coalition and the community Move 2 Health Campaign

SYNOPSIS: Our design team was given the daunting task of designing 2 logos – one for our coalition (CAO) and one for our community campaign. The two logos needed to be independent but work nicely together for our campaign. Our design team was fantastic – the process was completely collaborative, the products were creative and appropriate and our collective group could not have been more pleased.


Audrey L. Barnes-
Darcey Ohlin-Lacy- Watermark Design
Lauren Puga- student, Virginia Commonwealth


United Way Thomas Jefferson Area

REVEAL invite1

CLIENT: United Way Thomas Jefferson Area

SYNOPSIS: The Reveal Gala invitation design was inspired by the gala’s intention of
mystery and luxury from a previous time. The recipient’s curiosity and excitement
is ignited through the slow, suspenseful opening motion of the invitations and
purposeful “reveals.”


Andrew Stronge

Krista Ulrich

Peggy Brennan

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Central Blue Ridge

To view the BBBS project click the link:

BBBS Annual Report


CLIENT: Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Central Blue Ridge

SYNOPSIS:  Create an Annual Report. Each year, Big Brothers Big Sisters takes a moment to reflect on the accomplishments of the year prior. By creating an annual report, we can articulate those accomplishments and thank all our donors, volunteers, and supporters who make our work possible. This year’s report is a square booklet, printed in full color, with large photos of our matches – some taken by the design team! Be sure to check out the hand-drawn elements also created by our team that provide child-like whimsy to the piece and help unite the overall design theme.


Matt Thomas – Convoy
Carol Barber – Freelance 
Lamont Sandridge – Freelance

Center for Non Profit Excellence


CLIENT: Center for Non Profit Excellence

SYNOPSIS:  CNE had an outdated brochure. In a new brochure, they wanted to reflect newly defined focus in their organization. The result is a 16 x 9 (folded to 4×9) trifold brochure. It incorporates photos of CNE meetings and training sessions. A challenge that CNE has: trying to communicate what they ACTUALLY do vs. what some community members perceive they do.


Brian Herbert, PVCC Graphic Design Student

Amy Hill, Graphic Designer & Creative Director, acac Fitness & Wellness

Worksource Enterprises



Worksource General page 1

CLIENT: Worksource Enterprises 

SYNOPSIS: Brochure and templates

Team Members:
Marie Schacht – Freelance
Jill Williams – Fry’Spring Beach Club
Christopher Lumain – Student
Alex Lumain – Student





SYNOPSIS: Advertising Campaign

Team Members:
David Robinson – Birch Studio
Kyle Copas – NatureServe
Zaina Natour – Student

Market Central

Market Central teamCLIENT: Market Central 

SYNOPSIS: The client, Market Central  wanted a new logo and take-away brochure/card. They have been using a logo and some marketing materials that were a bit outdated and didn’t relay what their non-profit encompassed. We designed them a fresh, fun logo that can be used on all their marketing materials, as well as new schwag like t-shirts and mugs, etc.


Claire Lester – 4th year Architecture student

Katherine Murphy – UVA Foundation

Lian LaRussa – Freelance graphic designer –