Children, Youth and Family Services


Mission: To help children increase their chances for a successful future by focusing on the prevention of problems. Our programs meet kids and families where they are – in their homes, schools, communities

Project: Site design, fencing and landscape design for a small, low-cost playground

Impact: This project will provide a “finishing touch” to our much-anticipated new building location which will provide much needed space to better serve kids and families. The playground will make us visible to the community as a child-centered agency.

Results: The playground designed during the Design Marathon is part of a larger renovation project for CYFS at 1000 E. High Street, where the organization plans to move in Fall 2009.  The design has been a useful tool for soliciting funding and highlighting the community support for CYFS that the design represents.  According to CYFS Development Directer Erin Garvey, “ [CYFS] had a nice surprise when, on the Obama Day of Service (January 19th), Van Yahres Associates came to the site and prepared the very large collection of old boxwoods for their future use as a maze/fort/play area integral to the new playground.“


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