Greene County Ruritans


Mission: To create a better understanding among people and through volunteer community service, make America’s communities better places in which to live and work

Project: Schematic Design of Concession/Restroom Facilities for Greene County’s only public park

Impact: A restroom/concession facility would encourage increased participation in the recreational use of the park. For lower income families this is their best option for healthy outdoor recreation.

Results: The Ruritan’s comfort station design from the Design Marathon were recognized with a drawing and article published in The Greene County Record on October 30. Since then, the renderings have given the Ruritans the detailed depiction needed to secure funding and pro-bono services as the project moves forward. The Ruritans have used the renderings to secure the pro bono services of an engineering firm to donate a site plan for the park.  They have also used the drawings to apply for a second grant from Lowe’s. The plans have given the Park recognition on a regional scale:  The Rivanna River Basin Commission cited the Design Marathon stormwater plan in a grant for regional stormwater projects that if awarded would allocate some funding to stormwater-related sitework for the Park.


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