Music Resource Center


Mission: To educate and inspire young people (7th-12th grade) through music learning opportunities.

Project: Logo Re-Design

Impact: The new look will increase our visibility and help re-invigorate our outreach to teens. This project will also help to solidify our image as we share our model in Virginia and several other states.

Results: At the fall MRC board meeting, board members were “very captivated” by the new logo design. The MRC printed their new sign which now sits proudly on the front edifice of the church where their office is located. The new logo will be integrated into all of MRC’s letterhead in spring 2009, and the organization ultimately plans to incorporate it into all of its materials and website. MRC’s logo is helping them go national! The new Cincinnati program has incorporated the updated design in their new building/branch, which started up in spring 2009. Groups in Richmond and Staunton, VA; Duluth, MN; Moss Point, MS, and Los Angeles, CA are also planning to open branches. Buffalo, NY and Greensboro, NC are showing interest as well.


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