Rivanna Conservation Society

Website: www.rivannariver.org

Mission: To safeguard the ecological, scenic, recreational and historic resources of the Rivanna River and its tributaries for the benefit of the community and generations that will follow

Project: Design posters for buses (Charlottesville, Albemarle, Greene and Fluvanna Counties) to promote the Clean Rivanna Campaign

Impact: The posters will increase visibility and awareness of the campaign and our organization which will garner increased participation in on-going river clean-ups, river paddles, public forums and educational programs.

Results: The Design Marathon team created a series of 5 advertisements to be posted on community and UVA buses. Posters advertising the Drink Up Campaign will be placed in public buildings throughout the watershed. Funds have been secured for printing of the 5 poster series beginning in May and running through September 2009 with the Annual Rivanna River Cleanup.  The Campaign will be highlighted on the RCS website, and the Poster Campaign will be provided to local governments throughout the watershed, with the request that the documents be posted on each website.  The Poster Series will also be shared with Watershed Colleaguew from around the country at the June River Network Rally in Baltimore, Maryland.


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