Rockfish Valley Foundation


Mission: To preserve the natural, historical, ecological and agricultural resources of the Rockfish Valley

Project: Conceptual design for Visitor Center and Compostable Restroom Facility

Impact: The Visitor Center will be a hub of information for Nelson County’s tourism experience which will impact the revenue of the county. Exhibits housed in the Visitor Center will educate visitors, particularly children, about the environment and how to be stewards of the natural world.

Results: For the Rockfish Valley Foundation the Design Marathon team produced a design for a comfort station, the beginning of plans for driving tours through Rockfish Valley and Nelson County, and a site plan and specifics for an adaptive reuse visitors center at Spruce Creek Park.  RVF is hoping to have support from the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation Trail Grant Fund for the comfort station, and  applied to the Perry Foundation for funds to match the state grant.  For RVF, the design from and connections made at the Design Marathon continue to win the support of the community.  Team member Liz Sargeant has continued to work with RVF on the Design Marathon projects, connecting them with Charlottesville’s Preservation Week in April 2009, and organizing a pro bono design charette for Spruce Creek Park.  Other Design Marathon volunteers Eugene Ryang and Hunter McCardle are creating a master plan for Rockfish Valley.  Peter Agelasto, from RVF, reports that the ideas, drawings, and energy from the Design Marathon has given RVF “self confidence,” and helped them “build a story” which is aiding them in garnering support for their various projects.


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