Shelter For Help In Emergency


Mission: To end domestic violence in our community. We are committed to providing a safe, supportive, confidential and respectful environment in which survivors of domestic violence are empowered with the knowledge of personal and community resources to create a brighter, self-sufficient future free from violence for themselves and their families.

Project: Design a retrospective piece to celebrate the shelter’s 30th anniversary in 2009

Impact: The branding and retrospective look at our organization will help us commemorate all the hard work and dedication of so many volunteers and donors over the past 30 years while also helping to spread our roots wider and deeper bringing a greater understanding of the effects of domestic violence to our broader community.

Results: The Design Marathon povided the Shelter with a commemorative poster for its 30th anniversary.  In Spring 2009, SHE edited the information included in the piece, and searched for funding to print pamphlets, 5,000 posters, and a banner.  Printed material will be displayed and distributed at several events throughout the year, including at Foxfield Races in the fall, a 5k race in November, and an anniversary celebration dinner.


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