More mid-review photos courtesy of Andy Franck:


Halfway Home

We’ve reached the half-way mark in this year’s design marathon! The teams are unveiling the products of a busy morning to an eager group of clients. Despite a stressful last minute printing push everyone is collaborating well and the clients all look very pleased. After this mid-review the designers will be back to the boards to finalize their designs for this evening. More news to come shortly…

Designers on the Move

If an hour is a lap, there are five laps to go! All ten teams are hard at work and preparing to meet with their non-profits for a review in the next hour. Stay tuned to see how much farther the teams have to go.

Ready Steady GO!

We kicked off the 3rd Annual Design Marathon this sunny morning.  Volunteers and Designers were warming up and stretching their creative muscles in preparation for the long day.  Serena Gruia and Mandy Burbage, wearing matching track suits, started the day off with an inspirational pep talk, and the designers ran off at the bang!

Designers will work all day for their non-profits, please keep checking on race results here!