Center for Non Profit Excellence


CLIENT: Center for Non Profit Excellence

SYNOPSIS:  CNE had an outdated brochure. In a new brochure, they wanted to reflect newly defined focus in their organization. The result is a 16 x 9 (folded to 4×9) trifold brochure. It incorporates photos of CNE meetings and training sessions. A challenge that CNE has: trying to communicate what they ACTUALLY do vs. what some community members perceive they do.


Brian Herbert, PVCC Graphic Design Student

Amy Hill, Graphic Designer & Creative Director, acac Fitness & Wellness


Worksource Enterprises



Worksource General page 1

CLIENT: Worksource Enterprises 

SYNOPSIS: Brochure and templates

Team Members:
Marie Schacht – Freelance
Jill Williams – Fry’Spring Beach Club
Christopher Lumain – Student
Alex Lumain – Student





SYNOPSIS: Advertising Campaign

Team Members:
David Robinson – Birch Studio
Kyle Copas – NatureServe
Zaina Natour – Student

Market Central

Market Central teamCLIENT: Market Central 

SYNOPSIS: The client, Market Central  wanted a new logo and take-away brochure/card. They have been using a logo and some marketing materials that were a bit outdated and didn’t relay what their non-profit encompassed. We designed them a fresh, fun logo that can be used on all their marketing materials, as well as new schwag like t-shirts and mugs, etc.


Claire Lester – 4th year Architecture student

Katherine Murphy – UVA Foundation

Lian LaRussa – Freelance graphic designer –

Camp Holiday Trails

banner_rev0_web (1)
SYNOPSIS: We set out to complete two tasks, the first was an info-graphic breaking down the cost and benefits for each camper per session relating visually the cost of each camper against the donation requirements of the camp. The second was a Candy Land inspired board game that can be used as a large physical banner as well as a fun interactive web page, with trivia and fun facts about the camping experience offered at camp holiday trails.


Whitney French

Emma Terry

Brian McCrory